Tuesday, January 21, 2014

One Word for 2014: Serve

"One Word for 2014: Serve"
January 21, 2014

On January 1st of last year I shared that my "One Resolution for 2013" was, simply, "DO!" I was introduced to this concept of boiling your goals down to a single word that you can focus on for an entire year. It certainly helped me focus on the things I wanted to accomplish. So, I am at it again this year.

My one word?


I wanted to keep the momentum from 2013 going, but this time I wanted to focus on ways I can "do" for others. I have been incredibly blessed lately. So many people have poured themselves into my career and family and my personal life, I want to "give back" this year and learn to to be a more generous and giving person.

When I think about the people I look up to and consider wise and successful, they are always serving. They are generous. They give, and love to give. I want to be like that.

So, here's to 2014! Time to serve.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"The Wake" LIVE at the EOP Songwriter Shootout [VIDEO]

"The Wake" LIVE at the EOP Songwriter Shootout
January 14, 2014

Back in November of 2013 I had the honor and privilege of participating in the Eddie Owen Presents Songwriter Shootout #3 at Red Clay Theatre. Eddie Owen (founder of the legendary Eddie's Attic) has become a friend of mine over the last few years and he is doing something very special in the northeast Atlanta (Gwinnett) area. The Red Clay Theatre in Duluth, GA has welcomed many nationally touring singer songwriters to their beautiful stage since Eddie took over. And, just as he was the driving force behind the songwriter's open mic at the Attic, he has brought his passion for the song to Red Clay.

Many people have rallied behind Eddie and his vision, including the folks at the Open Mic Project (www.omplive.com). So, on the night of the shootout, they were there shooting video of each of us performers, 25 in all, so that we could share our performances with you.

So, here it is! Check out my performance of "The Wake" and feel free to leave a comment below. I think Open Mic Project did a great job with these videos, so I hope you'll check out some more of the performances by the other artists who shared their songs that night. Thanks for watching!


Kurt Scobie from OMPlive on Vimeo.