Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"SCO[O]B Tube" - New Video Each Week in June and July

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to perform on WUGA Radio in Athens, GA. Not only was my performance aired on the NPR station, but the show was recorded and then played on local Athens Cable. I had a friend touch up the videos with a little editing, and I have nine movies of nine original songs which I performed that day.

I decided to upload a different video each week for the months of June and July. Below is a link to the first video! You can find the rest of these videos in coming weeks at or on YouTube at: Enjoy!

Click here to see video

Monday, March 16, 2009

Surf Scobie's Site & See Scobie Sing Songs

So, how are you doing? Are you ready for the warm weather? It is on the way! Here in Georgia we have had a few 70-80 degree days (7 days after it snowed) and I am ready for it! I am ready to get outside, play some music on your favorite restaurant’s patio, and enjoy the southern sun! Get ready for it.

In addition to the warmer months ahead, I am also excited for a couple other things. As you may have heard (and some of you have already checked it out), I have been working on the new website for the last month, and it finally went live this weekend. I am pumped about it getting off the ground, and I hope you’ll go check it out and let me know what you think. You’ll find pictures, song lyrics, downloads, reviews, and a whole lot more. AND I am working on a couple more additions that will be up shortly. So click over there and check it out!

I also want to remind you of my show schedule (on as well). I have some great appearances and performances lined up for the coming months, including: Eddie’s Attic, Kavarna, Dakota’s, Cielito Lindo, and Abbott’s. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to come see me in the weeks to come!

In other Kurt Scobie news…I joined a gym. Yup! Time to burn off that extra winter baggage! The trainer said that I was in pretty good shape, but my recent experience on the treadmill suggests otherwise. Now, I’m not too concerned about that, because I have been a runner since middle school. What I’m not so thrilled about is the lifting. Probably the last place on earth I would like to be is on the bench press. I know the guys are all impressed when I pump those 100 pounds of iron into the air (with great effort), but I’d much prefer to keep my guns at home. Yeah, I went there. That’s right -guns.

Nevertheless, I will be sticking to the fitness plan as well as the music plans. There are exciting times on the horizon.

Again, please drop me a line to let me know how you’re doing! There is actually a contact form on the new site where you can just message me directly. And I certainly hope to catch up with you at a show!



Monday, February 23, 2009

Mazel Mazel

Good things. Good things. Mazel Mazel (rhymes with 'nozzle').

Good things have been keeping me from updating my Blogspot. The problem is that if I am busy doing a lot of things I find it difficult to make time to sit down and update my friends. But, if I do have time to blog, I end up running out of information to blog about.

Well, I have indeed had quite a bit happening that has limited me to insufficient twitters and facebook status updates. Today I fill you in.

The National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) is an organization that hosts conventions, conferences and festivals every year. College students from across the country, from many different schools get together and select the talent they want to have at their schools. Musicians, artists, comedians, magicians, and other forms of talent present their best for the students and advisers who attend.

The NACA National event this year was held in beautiful Nashville, TN. Elizabeth and I celebrated Valentines Day early this year because I had to be in Nashville on February 14th. And the National convention ran for several days at the massive Opryland Hotel. If you have never been, I highly recommend it.

There were thousands of students representing hundreds of schools at this event. It was incredible. Amazingly, I ran into some people from my humble little hometown (Blissfield, MI).

Well, the event kicked off on Saturday with musical performances and emcees and a few comedians. They were all very talented. I did not perform at this event, so my main focus was meeting people and beginning to get connected to the NACA world.

The Marketplace, or Campus Activities Market Place (C.A.M.P) was my whole reason for existence that week. If you've been to a bridal show, this is similar. If you have never been to a bridal show, this is still similar. I was set up with some CDs and flyers in a booth (among hundreds of booths) so I could chat with the representatives (students) from different schools as they walked around and "shopped" the different talent. It was awesome! In addition to musicians and comedians, there were companies who had inflatable games and even a synthetic ice rink!

The Marketplace only happened a couple times a day for about an hour each time, so I ended up with quite a bit of free time in Nashville. I was able to catch a show at 3rd and Lindsley, hang out in a few of the 'honky-tonks' on Broadway, and visit with my Nashville buddies. I also performed at the Commodore Grille on West End.

A few cool people I met include: John Bataglia (Beauty and the Geek - image consultant), Ralphie May, Zac Brown Band (ok, didn't actually meet him, but he was there), Brian Brushwood (Bizarre Magic), and other great artists, magicians and comedians!

It was a great time in Music City, to say the very least. It was also a very busy one. I made it home to Atlanta on Thursday at about 4 a.m. Then, I geared up for a few performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Needless to say, my health got a bit poor but, it was all worth it!

My first NACA experience was fantastic and I met a lot of cool people. Let me rephrase that. My first NACA experience was fantastic BECAUSE I met a lot of EXTREMELY cool people!

Expect to hear more good things from me.

Mazel Mazel!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Your Atlanta Braves Pianist

Well, have you seen the pictures yet?

Friday I had an opportunity of a lifetime! I woke up to an early call from one of the marketing coordinators for the Atlanta Braves, and they were in desperate need of a piano player... for THAT NIGHT. "Kurt Scobie to the rescue!" I thought. So I said "hey, no prob!"

My wife and I dressed our best and headed down to Buckhead. I don't remember too well, but I probably said something like "Ready Baby?" She most definitely said "Yes!" So we hopped out of the truck, headed into the InterContinental Hotel, and walked down the hall to the Windsor Ballroom.

I shook a few hands with my contacts and waited for guests to arrive.

Then, as Derek Lowe, Brian McCann, Chipper Jones and other stars from the Atlanta Braves (and many other guests) arrived, I began to play the beautiful grand piano just outside the ballroom.

The Atlanta Braves Foundation hosts a "Diamond Gala" every year as an opportunity for people to give. They then allocate funds to various charities. People and businesses had donated guitars, autographed souvenirs, and many other items for the silent auction that also took place.

The main part of the evening, however, was after I had performed. It was "Casino Night". Guests were able to purchase "Braves Bucks" to gamble at the many Blackjack tables that were set up. When I talked to Brian McCann and Derek Lowe, they said they were winning (probably because they were dealing).

Well, there was also a special guest at the Gala. You had to pay a little extra in order to spend time at his Blackjack table in the VIP area. You might recognize this Hall of Famer by the names "Hammer", "Hammerin' Hank", or "Bad Henry", but this Boston Brave is best known as "Hank Aaron". I had no idea he would be there. And I certainly didn't think I'd have the priveledge to get my picture taken with him. But I did! Check it out. Me, Kurt Scobie.....and Henry Louis Aaron! What a cool experience! What an honor.

I hope you can enjoy a piece of my excitement. Take a look at the pics on Facebook and/or Myspace

We had a great time at "Casino Night" and the event was a success!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

who's idea was this whole 'new years resolution' thing, anyway?

I used to work at a YMCA in Nashville, Tennessee. January was always our busiest month as people would come in faithfully to "get buff" or just "shape up". And I'm sure they meant to keep coming in February but, you know how life gets in February. Valentines Day and all of that stuff. Life is busy, right? Oh and March is just too crazy. I mean, Spring is on the way and don't forget about March Madness! And April...well, lets just say my life is just too devoted to Uncle Sam. Or at least on the 14th right? Gotta get those tax returns done! And after the 15th? Well, who said 3 1/2 months was enough time to fill out tax forms? How could I possibly get to the gym when my bank account is getting enough of a workout? Well May rolls around and I just forgot about the whole resolution thing anyway. Maybe I'll just go out and run a little this summer. And you know what happens June through August. There is certainly a lot of activity going on. Unfortunately it looks less like exercise and more like Barbeque's, Parties, and soaking up some sun! Who wants to workout? It is too HOT! School gets going in September and October, so that’s out. What's that? Well... Yes I REALIZE I am not actually IN school! But, OTHER people are and I am beginning to run out of excuses, so I need to borrow yours. And Oh my goodness! It's November already?!?! Where did the year go? Whoops! Hey, pass the turkey will ya? I'll have seconds of Mom's mashed potatoes and EXTRA gravy please! Pile it on! Might as well make the most of this whole "NOT following through on the resolution" thing. "Live to Eat!" That’s my motto! Well! What a year! It is December and the year has just flown by. Now, this next year, this is it! I am going to get in shape and eat better and watch less TV. Oh, can I have more Eggnog please?

Yeah! So, how's that New Years resolution coming for ya? Still going strong? Is this "the year" for you? Question: did you WRITE DOWN what you resolved to do this year? You know, it is said that a verbal contract is as good as the paper it is written on. I'd say it is safe to say the same about plans. If it isn't written down, good luck!

Here are a few things I'll be doing this year:

-writing a new song each month
-reading a different book each month
-getting the Kurt Scobie website up and kickin'
-finishing my first-ever EP
-getting out there and playing music for YOU! I'll see ya there.

Your turn! Write it down. Where do you want to be in 5 years? What do you need to do today to move closer to that?

By the way, the YMCA was pretty busy for a few weeks, then most people just couldn't keep the excuses away. However, there were a few people who were new in January and just kept coming. Success! Be that guy! Be that girl! Be that success!